This picture of the lake called “Paterswoldse meer” near Groningen was taken in the early evening. Right after the sun had set.

Blue hour
Blue hour

For a sunset to turn out great on a photo, most of the time you need to have clouds in the sky. Not a completely covering layer of clouds, but at least some sort of clouds, scattered clouds. When you have a clear sky, the risk of a boring sunset picture is imminent. So, what to do then… well you can wait a little longer. After a while some great layers of color turn up. With this photo it took about an hour for the colors to turn into the great warm layers of color. Because I didn’t want the  jetty in the foreground to loose all of it’s details I took a photo earlier during sunset. Later on I used layer blending in Photoshop to bring out just a little of the original details of the jetty. To add a little interest to the photo I decided to stand on the jetty. Not a bad choice the view and sounds were great. Only the mosquitoes were a pain the ass!

After a while I kept the camera on the tripod and continued making photos. The colors in the sky were changing constantly! After a while everything got more blue. Absolutely amazing evening. Because I was not protected against the mosquitoes I had to pack in early and couldn’t wait for the stars to come out. Better preparation next time! 🙂

Paterswoldse meer

I took this photo on one of the many jetties beside the “Paterswoldse meer” in Groningen. Because it was a very nice and warm day I had to wait a little before all the visitors and swimmers called it a day. If you happen to be in the area of Groningen you should really visit this lake! It’s beautiful!

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