My brother had the idea of going to the harbor town Hoorn for a stand up comedy show by Youp van ‘t Hek. The show was sold out in our own home town so we decided to go to Hoorn. A small harbor town located at the “Markermeer”.

Harbor town Hoorn
Harbor town Hoorn

It was some sort of a coincidence because I was adviced by instagrammer @groovypatt  to visit Hoorn because it is such a beautiful place for photography. This was just a day before I got the invitation from my brother to go to Hoorn.

Boats in harbor
Great weather

Instagrammer @groovypatt  photographed the harbor for a Huawei campaign.

I decided to bring the camera a long. And man he was right! A beautiful place. I took many photos and also one of the harbor. It was a very nice afternoon. The sun was already starting to get a little lower which gives a more golden feeling to the photos.

Harbor town Hoorn
Harbor town Hoorn

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