This photo is part of a series of photos I took while on the island of Terschelling in April of 2018. The weather started out great during the days we were on the island, but on the third day things started to look a little different. Fog and rain came in from the see. And where normally when conditions are like that going out with a camera isn’t the first idea that pops up into my head. But on the island, especially the beaches and dunes nearly all conditions are great for photography. So I decided to go out with camera. I wandered through the dunes and accross the beaches and took many photos, the light was dimmed and spread out by the mist to give the photos a moody tone. If you like this photo, there is another one available for print and put together, combined into a diptych they look pretty awesome on a wall! Trust me!

Misty Beach - Series - 02
Misty Beach – Series – 02

The other photo is this series can be found here. Both shot on the same day with the exact same lighting conditions. They go really well together on a wall.

Misty Beach - Series - 01
Misty Beach – Series – 01