This photo was taken in early autumn. It wasn’t too cold yet at the time and when I checked for weather conditions the next morning I decided to get up really early to catch sunrise. When it’s early autumn catching sunrise means getting up way earlier than in winter. But one has to make an effort for a great photo. Well most of the time! 😉

An Island View
Sunrise and Dead Trees

I took both a digital camera and a film camera. Most of the time I would recommend to make a choice between the two and don’t take both of the camera’s because they are completely different ways of taking photos and keeping your attention and more than one camera and trying to find great compositions can be tricky and certainly more stressful.

I managed to capture multiple great shots with both the digital camera and film camera. Below you’ll find of the film photos I took. The sunrise wasn’t that spectacular but the light fortunately was great. It made for the trees, most of them still had leaves on them, to light up like gold!


This photo is a scanned film photo of that same morning. I occasionally bring the film camera along. The funny thing with film photography is that is slows you down most of the time, it makes you really think about how your composition is at it’s best.