This photo was taken in spring on the island of Terschelling. While hiking around the widest (west) part of the island you’ll stumble upon some very high dunes. They are constantly being hit by the sea and the constant wind coming in from the sea only to change shape. At first hand you’re thinking the sea damages our coastline, and it is true, especially during storms some part of these dunes can completely disappear into the sea. But the sea doesn’t only do damage to these mighty dunes, it also brings in new sand that get’s pushed up the beach and dunes by the wind. I come here very often and the shapes of the dunes are constantly changing. It’s a pretty impressive part of the island where you can truly see and experience the forces of nature that shape the Dutch coastline. Standing on these dunes, feeling the wind and watching the sea is a pretty amazing feeling. I guess that’s why I keep coming back to this part of the island every year.