I took this photo two and a half years ago. I was driving home and noticed the setting sun. Realizing I was driving through an area that I had spotted a couple of months earlier decided me to try and catch sunset. So I parked the car, grabbed the camera bag and started hiking. The downside was, that it was bloody freezing and I did not bring any gloves. Fortunately the hike wasn’t that long and I was able to grab some pretty awesome photo’s, this being my favorite one of that evening.

Dark Blue Sunset
Dark Blue Sunset

I posted this image on Instagram telling people that Instagram, although being all about photography, isn’t always the best place to showcase your work. This image is a great example of that. On Instagram you are not able to catch details because the quality of the photo gets greatly reduced. This photo contains a small little detail which in my opinion really add something special to it. The birds in the center of the photo, although small really belong to the scene. And even here on my website they don’t show up that great. That is because I also have to reduce quality of the photo’s I upload to make sure that no one is illegally using these images to make prints out of.

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Not all photos have to take a lot of effort. But I must say, a little planning and preparation never hurts. But in this case the moment was just perfect. Sometimes just bringing the camera is enough. I under exposed the photo a little to give it some extra darkness and shadow. Sunsets, they never ever get boring! ☀️☀️ PS Instagram is not great for uploading photos with a high resolution, in many cases you can thereby miss essential details in a photo. Zooming into this photo, can you spot the birds and airplane? If not, visit my website for a high resolution version! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Follow @wwebbs for more! Secondary account @sbbeww ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #sunset #hippomag #oksfieldmag #lekkerzine #verybusymag #noicemag #myfeatureshoot #photozine #takemagazine #aintbadmagazine #burnmagazine #gominimalmag #verybusymag #ifyouleave #phornography #onbooooooom #aperturefoundation #oftheafternoon #solarcollective #yetmagazine #subjectivelyobjective #subjectivelyobjective #anotherescape #visualvoicemag #somewheremagazine #paperjournalmag #ourmag #expomag

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