With friends I spend a weekend on the island in early spring. The second morning half of us woke up with a pretty severe hangover from the night before. After breakfast I decided it would be a great idea to take a bike ride to the other side of the island. At first no one wanted to join me, but after a second cup of coffee nearly everyone decided to come. They all made it to the last stop, the last place you can get to by bike. From there on out I decided to go for a walk of about an hour. I knew that I would stumble upon the little house on the beach walking in north east direction along the shoreline. The rest decided to go back to the appartement to start preparing for a barbecue.

Beach House – H

When I arrived at the location of the house the light already turn a little yellow. But it was still bright and white enough to turn everything around the house nearly completely white. I took a lot of photos with the camera set to over expose the photos. Due to the enormous amounts of white in the photo the camera tends to under expose photos. This often happens when taking photos in the snow for example. But to retain that bright white in the photo it’s necessary to manually expose (or over expose) the camera.

For someone like me to nearly visit the island of Terschelling almost every year for the last 37 years it was strange realizing I’de never been visiting this house. And when I finally did, it did not disappoint.

The original house was built to give (temporary) shelter to drowning men (and women) that were able to reach the uninhabited part of the island. It has been rebuild twice I believe and replaced to more higher grounds. The constant battering of the sea took it’s toll on the foundation of the house. Now it is on safe grounds and free for people to visit.

If you prefer this photo printed vertical instead of horizontal click here for an alternative image. Nearly the same but shot in vertical mode.