The weather forecast had been pretty good for that afternoon. So when we arrived on the island of Terschelling I had high hopes for some decent afternoon light while wandering though the early summer dunes on the west part of the island. But the skies were grey. So we decided to have a beer first. After a few beers I couldn’t resist to start the hike anyway, the others (friends) decided not to go. The forecast wasn’t wrong, just a little late. Right when I arrived on the most spectacular part of the island with some of the highest dunes on the island in the area the light started to come through te clouds. And since the clouds only started to disappear slowly the light was bright but scattered. Just great for photography! I resulted in many great photos! This being one of my favorites. It was one of the first Instagram images that got shared by a lot of other accounts.

Wandering Through Early Summer Dunes

Only half an hour later and a couple of hundred metres further to the beach I shot a series of photos which can be found here.

Light at the Beach - Series - 01
Light at the Beach – Series – 01
Light at the Beach - Series - 02
Ligh at the Beach – Series – 02
Light at the Beach - Series - 03
Light at the Beach – Series – 03