Some of the best photos are often taken without a plan. They happen. That doesn’t mean that a great photo can’t come from great planning, don’t get me wrong but in my experience it often only takes to bring your camera. I had been taking photos that morning, I already edited these photos and when looking at the weather forecast for the evening, it wouldn’t be anything special. So when I decided to go for a last short hike along the beach that evening it wasn’t the idea to bring the camera. But while leaving the house I stumbled upon the camera bag and thought, why the hell not. It took me a couple of minutes to get over the first dunes before I noticed that, while not predicted, the sky was opening up completely.

Through the Sunset Dunes

I grabbed the camera and started shooting because I knew, this wouldn’t last long. That gap in the sky turned everything into gold! I grabbed a few shots, this being one of them and the light dimmed and went away, not to return till the next morning. Not planned at all, just bringing along the camera, was all it took.