A little about me. There are always moments that are worth capturing. Most of the time I capture these moments by taking photos. Every no and then I also try to capture moments with video. But most of the time I find the frozen aspect of that one moment that describes the story, shows and reminds you of the atmosphere a more compelling way of capturing moments in time. Sharing those moments with others is crucial. Sharing the moment, but also sharing the photos. Most of my photos that are worth sharing therefor end up on several social media. It is with great pleasure that I work with others to help them capture great moments, great stories, with photos or with video. 


As you can see in my portfolio I mostly shoot landscape, nature, travel and exploration photos. My first ever picture with a decent (DSLR) camera was a landscape photo. If you want to know more about that click here. But that’s not all. More and more often I try to broaden my horizon by photographing practically anything. More and more often I bring the camera when I explore cities and other urban areas and I take more portrait and lifestyle photos.

Use the social-icons to follow me on different social media. Sharing stories, sharing photos has become so easy. A lot of my work that in my opinion is worth showing / telling to others I share on social media. I mainly use Instagram to share my work.

If you would like to get in contact with me via the website, please click here.

Together with my brother and a good friend of mine we run a small (media) company. We do all sorts of stuff, mostly online media. The name of our company is Studio15. We develop websites, take photos, make commercials, assist with social media campagnes, make videos and all kinds of other stuff. If you want to know more about Studio15 or want to collaborate with me and / or Studio15 click here.