That one moment in time, captured in a photo. What would have been only another memory to me now has the ability to be shared with others. I don’t know whether you are familiar with the movie ‘Into the Wild’ but if you do you will probably remember that very compelling phrase which ended the movie.

“Happiness is only real when shared”.

I guess that is why we share our stories, our memories, our moments with others. Some write them down in books, others paint them on canvas or make songs out of them. My way of sharing them with others is through photography. Photography has gotten hold of me and I expected it would have left me behind by now but it never did. So for as long as it lasts I hope you will enjoy my stories, my memories, my moments, my photos.


As you can see in my portfolio I mostly shoot landscape, nature and travel related photos. But that’s not all. More and more often I try to broaden my horizon by photographing practically anything. So when I’m exploring cities and other urban areas I regularly bring the camera and I tend to make more portrait and lifestyle photos. As a photographer it’s great to share your work and passion (or hobby) with other photographers. Instagram is great for that. Feel free to connect with me on Instagram. If you would like to get in contact with me via the website, please click here.

Together with great friend of mine we run a small (media) company. We do all sorts of stuff, mostly online media. The company is called Studio15. We develop websites, take photos, make commercials, assist with social media campagnes, make videos and all kinds of other stuff. If you want to know more about Studio15 or want to collaborate with me and / or Studio15 click here.