Down below you’ll find my blog, well little stories / articles about my photography. When a photo took a little more effort than usual, when the story of a photograph is in any way special to me I try to tell something about it on this page. Mostly for myself, to remind of how I was and am as a photographer.

One the things I’m working on is telling more about how I take my photographs. With tips and tricks I try to tell something about the different techniques I use to make a good photograph. Not only the part about making the photograph in camera can be interesting but also the process off taking the photo into post-processing is something I like doing and showing to others.

Beach of Étrétat
On our way to Normandy we thought it be nice to make a stopover in Étretat. We heard great things
Monschau view
Together with my brother (@evtvdw) I visited the town of Monschau on our roadtrip through the Eifel in Belgium and
Jetty sunset
Leekstermeer (area)
This post is about the Leekstermeer area and that one special evening where I got to photograph a full (super
Horses in the field
Winter fields
In my opinion winter isn’t the best season for landscape (exploration) photography. Especially in the Netherlands. We don’t have mountains
Clouds over the beach
The beach
The beautiful beaches of the island of Terschelling. Nowhere in the world you will find beaches so wide as the
Kardinge sunset
Kardinge in Groningen: a beautiful area right in my backyard. Golden hour was approaching.
Harbor town Hoorn
Harbor town Hoorn
My brother had the idea of going to the harbor town Hoorn for a stand up comedy show by Youp
Lake in the evening
Lake in the evening
This picture of the lake called "Paterswoldse meer" near Groningen was taken in the early evening. Right after the sun
Eilean Donan Castle
Eilean Donan Castle
One of the many locations we visited during our trip through Scotland. Eilean Donan Castle. A beautiful old castle in the